Love Ankara was established in February 2017. In Africa, Cloth, Ntoma, Ankara, Kitenge, is a way of life. Our fabrics provide livelihood; Our fabrics nurture, speak, & tell stories….Love Ankara is about re-defining what authentic African fabric is. Our brand is a retail, fashion and decor brand that seeks to promote authentic African prints, empower women and preserve our local textile industries. Love Ankara fabrics, shoes and accessories are worn by powerful, outspoken, daring empowered women the world over…Women who are not afraid to be authentic, to be true to who they are! Love Ankara is our creative way of depicting our distinct cultures and personalities by showcasing our rich heritage through prints, fashion and decor. In Africa, fabric and prints are more than just cloth; it’s at the core of who we are as Africans, expressive, creative, confident; a colourful and authentic empire that carries an inextinguishable spirit…a joie de vivre! This is what makes us quintessentially African and by telling our story, we hope you’ll come to love our brand and tell the world about it.


Our flagship fashion product is #NativeByLoveAnkara. Natives are foldable, machine and hand-washable, ankara ballerinas made from premium leather and authentic limited edition African prints. Native by Love Ankara, our handmade collection of women’s shoes is a fusion of beautiful leathers, strong silhouettes and impeccable detailing, which is made for the woman who likes to make a bold statement in footwear.  Made from quality leather, the shoes, primarily ballerinas, offer 100% comfort ability due to its soft in sole. Also, you are guaranteed a lifetime of durability and long lasting wear.  With the use of Limited Edition ORIGINAL Woodin, GTP and other African fabrics, you can be sure to represent yourself as a true African native and be sure to turn heads wherever you go.  Step out in style and be the ultimate talk of town as you gracefully ‘don’ one of our beautiful and classic shoes, as traditional hues and textures meet a modern perspective. The shoes are hand-made by our local team of artisans in Ghana and available (both for order and PRE-ORDER) in sizes 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44.

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